Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If you've never edited photos, you should. It's pretty fun. I've seen some people go nuts with it and add all kinds of things to the pictures. But, I just like to enhance the photos a little. I use a website called Picnik.com. It's free, and I can save my pictures to my computer, then order digital prints from Walmart. Here are a few of my favorites. Also, my very first blog post was edited with picnik too.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aunt Dana and Uncle Egg

What's the best thing about about Las Vegas?

Baby Mark....and trash trucks!! Greg and I got to go and visit our nephew Mark. He just turned two and we haven't seen him very much. It was fun to catch a glimpse of his personality. We had a great time!

Mark Senior gets great joy out of giving his little buddy ice cream. This is one of several videos of Mark eating ice cream, given to him by his daddy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Inside Mikey's brain

Each night, I am usually sitting in my bed studying. And, each night, I get little visitors. Jackson came in and fell right to sleep. Then Micah showed up. Here he is talking himself to sleep.He started out by saying that turtles can't swim, they'll just sink to the bottom. The video starts out dark until I can grab the lamp and shine it on him.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Noah's first book

Noah is 4 and is learning to read. This video is a few weeks old. We sat down together and he read a stage one book called Smash Trash, a book about Wall-e. He did it by mostly remembering his sight words, his phonics are not "all there," but he was so proud. And so was I. Please ignore his poop announcement at the end. And make sure to stop by his new blog www.noahspizza.blogspot.com COMING THIS FRIDAY!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bye, Bo!

We miss you.

Bo is a stray "silver lab" that followed us home over a year ago. We put up a new fence and gave him a new home. Last week I went to Dallas with the boys and Greg came home to find that Bo had not eaten his lunch and the side gate was closed but the chain had been removed. And Bo was gone.

We don't know if he somehow broke the chain loose or if someone came and took him away.

He is a sweet dog though and we will miss him. I hope he is okey.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine Snow Day

This post took a bit longer to get up than I had originally planned. I took pictures and videos though. And since those are few and far between lately, I have to post them! Jackson had a Snow Day on the Friday before Valentine's Day. I wish I could have gotten Jack and Noah's discussion about Snow angels on video. I couldn't hear them talking but I watched Jackson stand right in front of Noah doing "Jumping Jacks"- in slow motion. Then he would point to the ground, wave his arms around some more,point, wave,and so on. When his demonstration was over, he was all ready for NOAH to be the guinea pig and try it out. But, Noah didn't fall for it. So,Jackson caved and made his first snow angel. It was really cute. The rest of their play was spent throwing snow balls. Micah was getting over a cold. So, he and I stayed inside. Where we were safe!!

For Valentines Day- I had to make over 50 cookie lollipops. I was only going to make 12 for noah's class, but then Jackson wanted some to take in addition the big bag of candy he talked me into buying. As if I don't have enough homework already, they both had to make or decorate their Valentine box! What happened to using a paper grocery bag that they decorate at school!!!?? Jackson had a little girl ask him to be his Valentine. He told her "no." She asked him several times and when she said please he agreed. But only because she kept "bugging" him about it.